Employment Workshops

Neighbourhood Link offers a variety of workshops to help prepare for job search. Workshop topics include; fundamentals of computer and the Internet, social media, résumé and cover letter writing, current labour market information, job search techniques and strategies, networking, and interview skills. Workshops are designed to provide practical skills to help clients succeed in obtaining suitable employment.

Clients must pre-register for all workshops. The events calendar on the Employment Services home page list upcoming dates and times at which these workshops are provided.

Fundamentals of Computer and the Internet

Computer Basics
This hands-on comprehensive workshop is designed to make beginners comfortable with computer usage; and to set the foundation for making them ready to start an independent job search process. The workshop provides training in areas such as: using the mouse, opening and closing programs, organizing files and creating basic documents. The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with enhanced skills that can be utilized while conducting a job search.

Microsoft Word
This practical workshop is designed to provide all the knowledge necessary to prepare a professional looking résumé using one of the most common word processing applications existing nowadays. The training starts with an introduction to the basics principles of MS Word 2007 and is helpful for beginners or clients who want to refresh their knowledge in previous versions of the application. Topics include entering and aligning text, inserting bullets and applying basic formatting tasks. The work shop also covers intermediate and more advanced topics such as creating tab stops and inserting tables and columns.
PREREQUISITE: Computer Basics

Microsoft Excel
Using a practical approach, instructors of this workshop provide clients with an introduction of MS Excel 2007 and teach them the skills necessary to prepare and format spreadsheets. Job seekers can then apply their numeric processing knowledge to organize their job search records, employer contact lists and job application reports. The workshop also covers more advanced features such as formulas and functions.
PREREQUISITE: Computer Basics

Basic Internet
A well balanced hands-on workshop created as an introduction to Internet surfing for clients with limited computer proficiency. The training provides the knowledge necessary for a participant to start utilizing Internet resources and on-line services during his/her job search. Topics covered include browsing and searching the Internet, using major job websites and portals, printing job postings and downloading files from the Internet.
PREREQUISITE: Computer Basics

Resume and Cover Letter

Résumé Theory
This well designed informative workshop is directed to provide the knowledge necessary to prepare an effective résumé. The training covers the basics of résumé writing: résumé structure, formatting and styles; consequently, it is suitable for beginners and also for clients who want to refresh their knowledge about writing a winning résumé. The workshop includes a lot of examples and more complex topics such as: accomplishment statements, matching skills and experience to employers needs, writing style tips and the latest trends in résumé writing.


Résumé Writing 
The accomplishments that you choose to highlight on your résumé are the linchpin to a great résumé. You need to be aware of your job skills and transferable skills, and the requirements of the employer, but you must also be able to identify the best examples of where you demonstrated that skill or accomplishment. Designed for clients who are familiar with the basic principles of résumé writing, this workshop provides practical knowledge in how to identify and describe accomplishments and achievements to create strong and memorable résumés. Topics included are: identifying your relevant accomplishments, what is an accomplishment statement, how to write and format accomplishment statements.

Résumé critique
This session consists of a 15-minute one-on-one consultation with an employment counsellor to review a résumé or cover letter, receive tips in how to make it more effective to attain tangible results. Clients receive help on editing and proofreading, document formatting and election of the most appropriate document style.
REQUIREMENT: Bring in a paper copy of your résumé and/or cover letter.
OPTIONAL: Current or past job descriptions, job postings, list of education and training experience, employment history, copy of awards, certificates, and acknowledgements.

Job Search

How to Access the Hidden Job Market
This workshop is designed to educate participants in how to tap into where 80% of the jobs (not-advertised) are located; and also, to discover ways to enhance the chances of successfully finding an employment position. Tapping into the hidden job market is a unique skill; therefore, participants in the workshop receive training in networking techniques, take suggestions in how to establish new employer contacts; and learn how to ask the right questions in order to develop future employment contacts


Job Searching with Social Media: LinkedIn
This is an interactive workshop for clients who are familiar with LinkedIn but need to expand their knowledge in how to use it more effectively in order to create professional online presence, strong online identity and professional networking connections to support their job search process. Guidelines and practical drills are included in the training.
REQUIREMENT: Client must have a LinkedIn account.

Interview Skills

Interview Theory
Human communication is the best example of interactive communication; therefore, this workshop is designed to assist job applicants to feel confident during a job interview; and consequently, to improve their chances of getting hired. Through discussion of relevant topics and development of practical activities, the workshop provides clients the information needed for proper action planning and interview preparation, as well as, the opportunity to ask questions and share their previous interview experiences

Interview Practice (Mock Interviews)
This interactive workshop is suitable for clients who are already familiar with interview basics. By answering some of the most common type of interview questions, the participants are able to, within a supportive and friendly environment, practice and develop their interviewing skills and receive constructive feedback to build ascending confidence in their job interview performance.                .
PREREQUISITE: Interview Theory

Legal Services

Legal Aid Clinic
This is a one-on-one 15 minute consultation with a Lawyer to receive guidance in relation to Tenant issues, Immigration, Social Assistance, Canadian Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Human Rights, and Employment Rights. Please have your questions prepared prior to this appointment.